What We Do

Spread Technology around rural communities, expose them to opportunities and identify talents to sharpen technologically.


Our team will go into the villages and share opportunities in ICT and ICT tools for community growth.

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This program affords participants the privilege to get introduced to technology and how to grow their business with it.


Digital Training for Students, Job Seekers and Business Owners who wants to grow their digital skills and make money.

Capacity Building And Impact Across Communites

We are committed to creating an environment for our Communities to explore their potentials and consequently attain their full capacity through innovation and technology education and support.

Trainings and Education

Anyone can vote for their communities to be visited by our expert team of trainers. We visit these communities with support from the public and train youth in technology.

Mentorship and Support

We mentor these youth and support them through our communities and network. Notably includes CDI Africa, Women Tech Makers, Figma Africa, WordPress Aba and others.

Creating Communities Where Prosperity Thrives

We want to empower youth in communities to become wealth creators using technology. Our peer to peer approach to this ensures it spreads quickly once initiated.

Job Opportunities

We outsource some of the benefactors of our programs to our partners and companies who need their skills.

Business Startup

For some others, we help them to turn their passion to a tech inclined business. Using technology to solve local problems and build a business out of it.

Our case studies

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Our Awesome Partners

Want us to visit your community? We're ready to make it happen!